Watson’s HWB awards recognize and celebrate all of the best products in the health, wellness, and beauty categories, one of which was awarded to Kustie on September 17th, 2021, in Guangzhou for their exceptional natural personal care products. The award-winning Kustie shower gel has been making waves and winning various titles since the company’s introduction in 2002.


The Watson HWB is an extraordinary annual event known as the “OSCARS” of the beauty and personal care industry. The unique feature of this award ceremony is that winning products and brands are explicitly chosen by the consumers and customers that use them. Winning the reward of “Favorite Bubble Shower Product” means that consumers have widely recognized Kustie’s personal care products.


It is not the first time Kustie’s natural personal care products have won these coveted awards. The fan-favored shower gel took the award home in 2019 from Malaysia, as well. The Kustie shower and bath gels come in a variety of scents including, Orchid, Chamomile, Jasmine, Rose, Lavender, and Cherry Blossom.

Favorite Bubble Shower

The Kustie shower gel is one of the brand’s most creditable natural personal care products.  Kustie’s shower gel contains essential oils, like tea trees and real flower petals, to deliver natural nutrients to both nourish and deeply cleanse the skin. With flower essential oils, an amino acid formula, and fragrance encapsulation technology, this product delivers an undeniably soft skin-touching feeling and an incredible fragrance experience. 

These unique and high-quality features continue to make Kustie shower and bath gel a favorite among customers and a multi-award-winning natural personal care product. Kustie’s shower and bath gels offer an accurate and honest representation of the company’s vision and values: offering customers the pleasant sensory experience of fresh flower care by romantic aesthetic and natural products.

Kustie shower gel

Unlike many other personal care companies, Kustie uses real flower petals in products, including shampoo, hair conditioner, body lotion, facial cleanser, toner, facial and body mist, and the same in Kustie shower gel. With the fast development, Kustie’s products have been exported to over 50 foreign areas and countries and also approved.

Kustie shower gel has been stationed in many internationally renowned chain channels, not only the Watsons in Mainland China, Malaysia and Singapore, but also other markets such as Mannings in Hong Kong, Sogo Department Store and Kang Shimei in Taiwan, Olive Young and Lalavla in South Korea, LOFT in Japan, etc. With multiple product lines and awards under their belt, Kustie continues to lead their company with a spirit rooted in innovation and a commitment to creating natural personal care products that their customers, new and old, trust.

Besides winning the Watsons HWB award on September 17th, 2021, Kustie’s natural personal care products have countless other awards. These coveted awards include the honor of winning the High-Value Trademark Brand Award and the Best Innovative Brand in 2021. These awards celebrate companies that create high-quality products that prioritize innovation, customer satisfaction, and successful brands. 

Since its inception in 2002, Kustie approached its creation of natural personal care products with a focus and commitment to developing products, unlike others on the market. With an innovative approach to developing formulas consisting of fresh flowers, French fragrance technology, and smoothening ingredients like niacinamide and amino acids, Kustie wins over awards and consumers alike.

Kustie shower gel

About Kustie

Kustie is a trustworthy personal care company that develops high-quality and inventive natural personal care products, from shampoo to shower gel of fresh flowers. With the finest ingredients, most advanced technology, and a promise to continue to create products that improve the lives of its customers, Kustie is going to keep growing and pleasing its fans. For a complete product line that leaves customers’ skin and hair feeling refreshed, smooth, and healthy, check out Kustie’s website or any of the many major retailers that offer our products.