Kustie Cherry Blossom Series: The Secret To Make You More Charming


What does the term self-care mean to you? Perhaps it’s a relaxing bubble bath after a long day, curling up in bed with your favorite book, or a warm cup of cocoa. It means putting in the time and effort to ensure they look their best for some. However, this cannot be easy to achieve because of the busy lifestyle everyone has nowadays. Most personal care products in the market are made of synthetic substances and chemicals that damage your hair and skin and cause different health issues. Thus, choosing top-of-the-line natural personal care products is important to help you stay on your self-care A-game.


Luckily for you, Kustie has a wide array of personal care products, all manufactured from the extracts of glorious flowers. The Kustie Cherry Blossom series has recently gained quite a following because of its unique product line.


Kustie Cherry Blossom Series: The Secret Charms


Do you know the secret behind the feeling and look your best? Kustie Cherry Blossom products with natural flower extracts can help you achieve that.


  • Shower and Bath Gel

Achieving deeply cleansed, nourished, and soft skin is no longer a mystery – lather yourself with the Kustie cherry blossom bath and body shower gel packed with gorgeous real flower petals and cherry blossom essence niacinamide to fortify the skin. On top of that, the natural floral aroma of this product will keep you smelling like a field of blossoms for hours.


  • Shampoo

Kustie cherry blossom shampoo is made from the extracts of cherry blossoms and an amino-acid sensitive free formula, which provides scalp balance, extra volume, and nourishment for the hair follicles to show off your mane with pride.


  • Conditioner

Incorporate the scalp balancing repairing conditioner from the Kustie cherry blossom series into your hair care routine to enhance the stimulating effects of the shampoo even further. The conditioner is packed with essential oils, and it nourishes and repairs hair to make them glossy for an ever-lasting shine and strength against any damage. Coat the hair from the middle to the end, wait for a few minutes, and rinse off with lukewarm water to see the magic.


  • Essential Oil Soap

Who doesn’t love clean, moisturized, and supple skin?  Kustie cherry blossom soap, made from coconut oil, shea butter, cherry blossom essence, and natural flower petals, will revitalize you with its anti-bacterial formula and keep you on top of your hygiene.


  • Facial Scrub

After a long day, your face might lose its natural glow. Don’t fret — Kustie’s cherry blossom facial scrub is here to save the day. Sporting rich plant granules and real cherry blossom petals, scrubbing this magic concoction on your face will exfoliate the aging cells and give your face the youthful glow and smoothness it needs.


  • Face and Body Mist Collection

Close your eyes and visualize a field of flowers and the natural aroma. Thanks to the Kustie cherry blossom face and body mist collection, you will now smell like a sea of flowers everywhere you go. Boasting an alcohol-free base and the extracts of multiple florae, this collection balances your skin tone and leaves it hydrated and refreshed.


  • Body Lotion Collection

Infused with the extracts of Japanese cherry blossoms and other deep moisturizing ingredients, Japanese body lotion ensures that your skin looks young, stays hydrated, and is nourished by keeping dryness at bay. Moreover, the cherry blossom essence adds a unique characteristic to the body lotion thanks to its fragrance. It makes you feel like you are floating on a beautiful Japanese cherry blossoms cloud.


Where Can You Buy Kustie Products?


Now, you must be thinking about how you can get your hands on Kustie products.


Operating in over 50 countries worldwide, Kustie’s merchandise is especially popular in Korea, Kuwait, Malaysia, Japan, Oman, Hong Kong, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Singapore at eminent store chains such as Carrefour and Walmart LULU, and Watsons. You can also purchase the Kustie Cherry Blossom series and others on Kustie’s website at competitive market prices.




Although life may get hectic at times, you need to make some space and focus on what your mind and body need. Therefore, you must always opt for products provided by a trusted personal care manufacturer, such as Kustie’s, with over 16 years of outstanding experience. With the Kustie Cherry Blossom series and others, you can fulfill your beauty needs, ranging from soft, supple skin to a bouncy, shiny head of hair. Visit our Kustie website now for more information. https://www.kustie.com/