Kustie Shower Gel: Enjoy The Scent of Cherry Blossoms in Spring


Spring is the cherry blossom season in full bloom from March to April. As one of the top cherry blossom scenery spots globally, Wuhan East Lake Cherry Blossom Garden has over 100,000 square meters of cherry blossoms and attracts thousands of visitors every year. On March 9th, Kustie launched the “Kustie Flash Store” in Wuhan East Lake Cherry Blossom Park, and the photo wall composed of Kustie shower gels attracted a lot of attention.

About Kustie Flash Store 


The “Kustie Flash Store” in Wuhan East Lake Cherry Blossom Garden is located next to the Jingxin Academy. It is a flash store with four flower walls designed to provide visitors with a great location for photoshoots. During the photoshoot, the visitors learned that our Kustie shower gel has a unique floral care effect and brings a romantic atmosphere to the users.


Kustie, a flower-based personal care manufacturer, offers high-quality flower personal care products, including cherry blossoms, roses, camellias, ginger flowers, etc. Kustie shower gel series was a big hit when it launched. It is worth mentioning that Kustie cherry blossom bubble bath has won the Watsons HWB Award Favorite Bubble Shower Products. The other cherry blossom products have also been praised by users in many countries around the world.

Features of Kustie Cherry Blossom Shower Gel


With the growing popularity of natural, quality personal skincare products, some so-called flower care products have gradually appeared on the market. But none of them are like Kustie from design to production, showing the flowers’ most realistic, natural, and vivid side. It is the reason why Kustie shower gels are so popular in the market. And how does Kustie realize it? 


  1. Raw Material–Real Flowers


To find the best flowers, the founders of the Kustie searched five continents. After searching hundreds and thousands of flowers, Kustie’s research and development dept finally identified some of the most suitable flowers for skincare. These include roses from Bulgarian, lavender from Provence, chamomile from Europe, and cherry blossoms from Tokyo.


To ensure that the flowers used in Kustie products are fresh and high-quality, we strictly control every step, from selecting the varieties to harvesting and extracting the essential oils.


  1. What You See Is What You Get–Blooming Flowers


Unlike other floral personal care products, you can see real flowers in bloom in the Kustie product series. To ensure that the cherry blossoms displayed in each bottle of Kustie Cherry Blossom shower gels are perfect, not only are strict flower selection criteria required but specially designed bottles are also used. Each bottle of Kustie shower gel has a blooming flower.


  1. Intoxicating Smelling– Flowery Perfume


Each of Kustie’s products has its exclusive natural floral scent. The perfume formulations come from perfumers with extensive experience in perfumery in France and the UK. In addition, each bottle of Kustie shower gel and shampoo contains small molecules of high purity fragrance particles, allowing users to enjoy the romantic scent of a flower field in the shower.


  1. High Efficiency – Kustie Floritech


Together with Robertet Lab and Sollice Biothec, Kustie has created Kustie Floritech, the Kustie flower preservation technology. This technology aims to preserve the active materials such as flower extracts and oils intact to stimulate optimal performance while using modern and cutting-edge efficacy principles. For example, the Kustie cherry blossom shower gels and shampoo contain cherry blossom extracts. These active substances, such as cherry leaf flavonoids and anthocyanins, are effective antioxidants and brighten the user’s skin texture.


  1. Safe and Trustworthy–Certification Guaranteed


People are looking for personal skincare products that are gentle and effective. In addition to using high-quality flower materials that are safe and free of pesticide residues, Kustie also adds over 80% natural ingredients to the products. These raw materials have passed GMPC and Chinese and Korean hypoallergenic irritation tests. It demonstrates that Kustie’s products are safe, gentle, and effective.

Use Kustie Cherry Blossoms Products to Enjoy Spring Scent


Apart from providing our customers with the highest quality natural personal care products at affordable prices, our objective also revolves around manufacturing all of its products from the most natural ingredients, specifically flower petals. Spring has arrived; choose Kustie cherry blossom shower gel with cherry blossom petals and enjoy the romance of the sea of cherry blossoms!