Kustie: A New Way to Enjoy Real Floral Bath

Who doesn’t love soaking in a relaxing bath after a long day to keep stress at bay? Nowadays, floral baths are becoming increasingly popular. These baths provide a minimalistic way to revitalize the mind and body by focusing on the rejuvenating impacts of beautiful flowers such as rose, cherry blossom, jasmine, chamomile, orchid, and lavender, and many more.

So, what does a floral bath bring to the table, and how can people enjoy a flower bath to the fullest? Read further to find out.

Benefits of Floral Baths

Not only do floral baths give bathing rituals an aesthetic outlook, but they also have a wide range of benefits in store for people.

  1. Floral baths help you sleep like ababy.

When people rewind in a tub full of fragrant florets after a tough day, it automatically creates a sense of relaxation, and it’s easy to forget about all the things that have been stressing people out all day. Your mind is free from all the negative thoughts that have been holding you back, which eventually allows you to sleep peacefully.

  1. Floral baths are great for your skincare routine.

Flowers like rose, chamomile, and jasmine are commonly used in beauty regimes to promote glowing skin. These nature’s bounties contain antioxidants which means that dry isn’t the thing to be worried about anymore, scaly skin because these flowers will hydrate the skin, leaving it smooth and revitalized. After all, skincare is not limited to people’s faces only.

  1. Floral bath helps to relax your muscles and soothe your nerves.

Floral baths help promote deep muscle relaxation, and different plants have been used in different traditions for centuries. Flowers have natural healing properties and thus have a large number of benefits for the muscles, joints, and nerves. Soaking in a lukewarm floral bath will calm the nerves, leading to a relaxed sense of being and leaving people’s muscles prepared for the next day.


Is Finding Real Flowers For Floral Baths Easy?

Although dried flowers are an essential part of a floral bath, getting hands-on with them is not easy because of the seasonal and cost constraints. However, using a shower gel made of real flowers is an excellent alternative that will allow people to enjoy the floral goodness all year round. Not only a floral shower gel is easily accessible, but it also makes the floral bath ritual more practical as customers do not have to add all the different elements like flowers, petals, and oils separately; everything is included in the shower gel.

Flower Shower Gels: The Best Floral Alternative

Fortunately, Kustie has an extensive line of shower gels made of authentic flower petals meant to revitalize customers from head to toe. Below listed are some of them:

  • Cherry Blossom Shower & Bath Gel is made from real Japanese cherry blossoms rich in anthocyanins and antioxidants.
  • Chamomile Shower & Bath Gel contains chamomile essential oil and calendula extract that repairs and soothes damaged skin.
  • Lavender Shower & Bath Gel is a heavenly combination of lavender essential oil and tea tree oil that controls sebum production and refreshes skin.


But What Are Their Benefits?

Kustie shower gels are not only made of real flowers but also manufactured with advanced production technology, containing fragrance capsules that smell like a bouquet of freshly picked flowers and an amino acid formula that boasts exceptional care for customers’ delicate skin.

Other than that, the flower essential oils provide a burst of hydration, brightening the skin and leaving it feeling supple, smooth, and revitalized. The numerous natural nutrients in the organic ingredients of these gels help to deeply nourish and cleanse skin as well.


How to Apply Kustie Flower Shower Gels?

Taking a soothing flower bath is quite easy – do the flowing steps, gradually let yourself sink into the tub, and soak all of your worries away.

  • Wet your skin in the water.
  • Take a sufficient amount of the shower gel and massage it onto your tender skin with circular movements all over the body.
  • Rinse with water.

However, to get the exact feel of a floral bath, you can also add a few dollops of these fragrant, refreshing gels to your tub and enjoy a sea of flowers. After all, Kustie’s shower gel range consists of the best flowers for baths.

Kustie: The Best Personal Care Manufacturer

From shower gels and body lotions to shampoos and essential oil soaps, we offer our customers a wide range of products made solely of natural ingredients, especially the extracts from petals of alluring flowers, which will provide rejuvenation for the mind, body, and soul.

These distinguishing characteristics have led us to create a network all around the globe, and with over 16 years of experience in the field, Kustie aims to provide the best personal care at competitive market prices to its devoted customers. Apart from the eminent store chains such as Carrefour, Walmart, LULU, and Watsons in 50 countries worldwide, you can also purchase products directly from our website.