3 Mesmerizing Examples of Fruit Shower Gel

Have you noticed that during the summer season, your skin becomes oilier than usual? This is because heat causes a rise in sebum production. The oil released by the skin’s glands is known as sebum. It’s a process that quickens in hot temperatures when the skin cuticle becomes thick.

High sebum production can result in various skin issues that detract from the appearance of the skin, including acne. To avoid this, you should use a fruit shower gel to exfoliate your skin.

Fruit Shower Gel Solves These Problems

The fruit shower gel is a product used to exfoliate your skin thoroughly. It is a gentle cleanser with a pleasant scent that awakens your senses and refreshes the skin.

The fruit shower gel can gently remove grime and pollutants from your skin to make it smooth, supple, and moisturized. The following are some benefits of fruit shower gel:


  • Natural Ingredients

To get rid of dead skin cells, you should exfoliate your skin gently with fruit shower gels. Dead skin clogs pores and appears flaky and harsh. And your skin looks dull and dry if you don’t exfoliate it frequently. However, The natural ingredients in fruit shower gels can help your skin stay moisturized.

  • Lightens Skin

The gel’s refreshing fruit extract blend is specifically formulated to care for your skin. Fruit shower gels help remove dullness and improve the texture of your skin. Additionally, fruit shower gels have the function of hydrating dry skin, repairing damaged skin, and boosting natural shine. As a result, your skin will become silky soft, supple, even-toned, and smooth after applying the gel.

  • Nourishes Skin

Most people know how essential it is to have a healthy diet, but do you know how essential it is to nourish your skin? Using the fruit shower gel  is one of the best ways to take care of your skin.  It can help you clean dirt and impurities from your body, making your skin soft and hydrated.  


Fruit Shower Gel Recommendations From Kustie

Kustie offers impeccable products to rescue you from experiencing skin-related problems. In the following, we will introduce our line of fruit shower gels:


  1. Natural Fruit Pit

With natural fruit pits, fruit shower gels from kustie are healthier, more gentle, and environmentally friendly than other gels. The deep cleansing action of the gel leaves no pore-clogging residue and is mild and non-drying. The moisture barrier and pH balance of your skin can be preserved.

  1. FourCareful Grinding Processes

There are four steps to crushing the fruit for the gel: wall breaking, grinding, polishing, and screening. Split the cell walls of fruits at high speed to make fruit powders convenient to use in final goods or products. Then, the product is rubbed or used as a chemical treatment by the polishing method, which makes its surface bright and smooth. Lastly, it will undergo a screening process to get the required uniformity of the final product for further processing. 

  1. Sweet Smell

Fruit shower gels typically incorporate the aroma of ripe, fresh fruits and smell nice. Selecting the ideal fruity fragrance between the many available gels can be challenging. However, after four careful grinding processes, Kustie’s fruit shower gels are able to provide you with the natural aroma of ripe and fresh fruits.

Top 3 Fruit Shower Gels from Kustie

Unlike other fruit gels, Kustie provides the most impeccable fruit shower gels: 


  1. Peach Shower Gel

The peach shower gel from Kustie is made with peach jam, natural peach kernel particles, and niacinamide. It contains plant polyphenols that replenish your skin’s nutrition. It has biological walnut particles that hold good flexibility to protect your skin. The sweet peach scent is perfectly soft and relaxing.

  1. KiwiShower Gel

Kiwi shower gel is produced with kiwifruit jam, kiwifruit seeds, and hyaluronic acid. The natural kernel particles in this gel are certainly gentle and skin-friendly, and the nutrients in the fruit can exfoliate the skin gently by replenishing the skin nutrients.


  1. Shower Gel Strawberry

Here is another exquisite fruit shower gel-the strawberry shower gel. This gel has been enriched with strawberry jam, seeds, and erythritol. The strawberry seeds in this gel are soft enough, which can add vitality to your skin without skin damage.

The Takeaway

It is crucial to ensure you choose the best and most effective fruit shower gel, and this is why we have introduced Kustie. Kustie is a professional personal care supplier who has understood the needs of our customers for the last 15 years. We have a wide range of personal care products, such as show gel, flower shampoo, etc. Don’t hesitate to get your hands on our excellent fruit shower gels in order to enjoy your flower!