Kustie Cherry Blossom Shower & Bath Gel(500ml)

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Kustie Cherry Blossom Shower & Bath Gel(500ml)


Kustie Cherry blossom Shower & Bath Gel containing cherry blossom essence and niacinamide to deep cleanse and brighten your skin.




Real Flower: Full bottle of real flower petals contain numerousnatural nutrients to deeply cleanse and nourish skin.

Flower Essential Oil: Cherry blossom essence combines with niacinamide to brighten your skin.

Amino Acid Formula: Weak acid formulation offers mild and tender care for your delicate skin.

Fragrance Encapsulation Technology: The fragrance capsules release a burst of natural floral aroma in every shower,

provides long-lasting fragrance.




Wet skin, take right amount and massage in circular movements over body for a while. Rinse with water. Alternatively, apply right amount into bath water for a luxurious bubble bath to indulge yourself in the enchanting cherry blossom sea.