As people become more environmentally and safety conscious, green and natural have become a fashion trend. The natural personal care products of the global market continue to grow well. The coronavirus pandemic dampened growth rates and caused some salons and spas to close and dampen product sales. However, due to the strong demand for natural personal care products, consumers can still source suitable self-care products from department stores and beauty retailers.

It is reported that Europe and North America have the largest natural personal care product markets, but the Asian market has the fastest growth in demand. Various brands have launched various natural personal skin care products to meet consumer demand for such products. So how do you choose the suitable one with the wide range of products available? Read on for three tips on understanding natural personal care products.

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Tip 1: What Are the Natural Personal Care Products?

Before purchasing natural care products, consumers need to understand this definition clearly. Natural personal care products are made with high-quality ingredients from plants (including essential oils, herbs, roots, and flowers) that clean effectively without harsh chemicals. Products labeled “natural” should consist primarily of natural ingredients and be manufactured using appropriate processes to maintain the purity of the ingredients.

It is identified that activity of many natural ingredients that have potential beneficial activity on the skin. In addition to herbal-based natural skin care products, personal skin care products made from real flowers are increasingly sought after. Different plants have different effects. For example, rose extract is rich in vitamins and can nourish the skin; the lavender extract is high in esters and has a significant effect on relieving allergies; camellia extract is rich in flavonoids and saponins has excellent antioxidant capacity.

Natural Personal Care


Tip 2: What’s the Meaning of Using Natural Personal Care Products?

Natural personal care products’ consumption has been rising in recent years. A frequently asked question is, why do consumers buy natural personal care products, and what is the meaning of using them for consumers? Mainly reflected in the following two points:


  • From Product 

Natural personal skin care products are safe, gentle, and have targeted benefits. Safety and mildness are consumers’ greatest expectations and requirements for natural personal care products because natural personal care products are more focused on ingredient selection. For example, preservatives, natural skin care products are selected with very strict preservative standards that exclude all preservatives that are controversial in terms of safety.

In addition, many of the discoveries of new benefits for skin care, as mentioned above, are derived from natural plants. In particular, some ingredients that have been certified are already rich in experimental data to support their efficacy during the certification process and are not significantly different from traditional skin care products.

Finally, as technology develops, natural oils with a lighter skin feel are becoming more commonly used in natural personal care products, especially flower skin care products that give a refreshing sensation.


  • From Society and Environment

Unlike chemical skin care products, natural care products have a higher social and environmental dimension:

  • Use plant products.
  • Pay attention to environmental protection.
  • Do not do animal experiments.
  • Focus on the social responsibility of the Product and the company.

Although much more costly, they do not increase the burden on the environment. In addition to dedicating to the development and production of mild, safe, and effective products, it is even more remarkable that some natural care product brands have placed environmental and social responsibility in their brand pursuits. And this is the brand pursuit of Kustie too.

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Tip 3: Why Choose Natural Personal Care Products from Kustie

Kustie, a personal care brand dedicated to flower care products, has been welcomed by consumers worldwide since the products were launched. Why can Kustie stand out among so many products and Kustie’s products worth trying? There are the following reasons:

  1. Kustie flower skin care products are gentle, effective, and targeted, with a wide range of products. Our flower products are made from natural plant extracts such as rose, jasmine, chamomile, and camellia. These flower skink care products have different effects for different skin types. 
  1. To confirm that each customer can use the best flower skin care products, Kustie selects high-quality flower materials from all over the world. Our products ensure consumers’ best flower care experience through nine steps of green selection and manufacturing processes.
  1. Kustie never stops researching and developing as a new personal care manufacturer. Using unique and innovative flower preservation technology, Kustie keeps the shape of flowers and delights the user’s mind.
  1. Kustie has received more than 30 domestic and international awards and certifications since the launch of the products, which is the greatest recognition of product quality.
  1. Our products are sold in more than 50 countries and regions worldwide, selling in local A-Class shopping malls and beauty chains. Kustie products can be found in Korea, Japan, Singapore of Asia, Brazil and Colombia of South America, and even South Africa and Egypt of Africa.


Make a Conclusion

As a leading natural personal care manufacturer in the market, Kustie is dedicated to bringing consumers an unparalleled flower care experience. Our products range from kinds of shower gel collection, shampoo collection, facial scrub collection, and face mist collection. Click on our website to find more fantastic flower care products!