Personal care was the leading industry and accounted for 42% of the worldwide market share. It’s evident that personal care remains the most profitable category, and its revenue is likely to reach $177 billion by 2025. The popularity of YouTube and Instagram further fuels the use since the increasing influencer market is constantly spiking. 

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Having to say that, the competition is fierce, which is why the various supermarket chains and beauty stores must select the right personal care manufacturer. It’s to ensure that products are manufactured with utmost focus on quality and according to the customers’ needs. However, finding the right manufacturer is quite a challenging task, but we are sharing some helpful ideas in this article!


The Necessity of Choosing a Suitable Personal Care Manufacturer 

When you are considering the option of adding some new personal care products and choosing the right personal care manufacturer for your store, you will notice that there is a wide variety of personal care products on the market, but there is a great deal of similarity. In a society about individuality, if an average personal care manufacturer refers exactly to what is on the market without innovation, it will be difficult for their products to stand out in the marketplace. So a proper personal care manufacturer must be strong in R&D and innovation and also has strict control of product quality.

Such a strong personal care manufacturer develops innovative and appealing products from the customer’s experience, and it helps to enlarge your product types. And a good user experience not only drives sales of the products and boosts sales of your store then has a great help in enlarging the profits.

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How to Choose the Personal Care Manufacturer


While selecting the product manufacturer, you must focus on the product and its quality and price. The reputed manufacturer will use top-notch and fine ingredients for the products. So, it’s important to outline how manufacturers are sourcing the ingredients before you sign the personal care products contract.

You must determine their cost of operations and what price they will provide the products to you (you need to determine the final product price). Remember, these factors come together to deliver quality that your customers will surely notice.


Company Power

Take a back seat and consider, “would you want a backyard DIY shop to make your products or the private label company with cutting-edge technology?” We are sure you nodded to the latter choice.

It’s important to select the personal care manufacturer that utilizes high-end technology, including the QA lab, development lab, testing lab, production room, mixing room, dispensary, and hot room. The manufacturers must have bespoke filling lines. Secondly, you must consider the delivery time – too short delivery time might be a sign of improper processes and adverse impacts on quality. Generally, a delivery time of 15 days to 2 months is optimal.


Personnel Service Level

Company power and product quality aren’t the only parts of the equation. The best personal care manufacturer should be capacitated to provide streamlined and full-range service. To illustrate, they should follow all the protocols and processes needed to create the product. Moreover, they must be able to walk you through the production process and have the ability to turn your idea into reality. 


Choose Kustie as Your Personal Care Manufacturer

Kustie has the expertise and experience to develop high-end personal care products that your customers will absolutely love. We focus on every step of the process, ensuring the formula is tested and reformulated until we achieve the desired products. In addition to this, Kustie supports the following features that make us the leaders of the natural flower care field;

Personal Care Manufacturer

  • Large factory scale and complete equipment
  • Sound supply system to provide high-quality raw materials from worldwide
  • Advanced fragrance micro- capsulation technology and innovative flower preservation technology
  • Unique floral fragrance formula from experienced French perfumers
  • Appearance design from well-known Japanese designers
  • More than 30 certifications and rewards of products
  • More than 60,000 POS of 50 countries and areas worldwide
  • Have the most popular and complete flower care products of natural personal care brand


Until now, our flower skin care products have been sold in more than 50 countries and regions around the world, such as Korea, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, and entered local A-class shopping malls and beauty chains, such as Carrefour, Wal-Mart, Watsons, Mannings. Our products, special the flower shower gels, get approval from customers all over the world.


Kustie is your choice for a quality personal care manufacturer. For more exciting updates about our services, don’t forget to check out our website!