Everyone dreams of having long, shiny, and healthy hair, but the buildup of dirt becomes a hassle in achieving those lustrous locks.


Our scalp secretes an oil known as sebum to protect the structure of our hair from splintering. However, this same oil collects scalp flakes and dirt, causing many problems for hair and scalp. But thanks to the million-dollar hair care industry, you can find various types of shampoos in the market, ranging from regular and clarifying shampoos to color-safe and curl-defining shampoos. Other than that, medicinal, volumizing, moisturizing, organic such as flower shampoo, and protein shampoos are also commonly available on the market.


Today, we will talk about flower shampoo that removes the excess oil efficiently and leaves hair feeling soft and refreshed.

What Is A Flower Shampoo?


Shampoos available on the modern market are primarily made from a combination of surfactants such as sodium lauryl sulfate or sodium laureth sulfate and a co-surfactant, commonly Cocamidopropyl betaine, in water. The surfactant acts as a heavy-duty soap that assists in trapping oil and grease out of the hair. While effective, these chemicals can be detrimental to the skin and hair.


Fortunately, for people who like to steer clear of harsh chemicals, the production of all-natural shampoos has come to a rise. This is where flower shampoos come into play, such as the Kustie ginger lily shampoo, made from essential oils and extracts of real flower petals that nourish hair and strengthen the roots.


Flower Shampoo VS Traditional Shampoo


Modern science and technology have played a vital role in developing effective ways that cater to hair growth and nourishment. Read below to find out how the flower shampoo differs from the regular shampoo.


  1. Ingredients

Traditional shampoos use chemicals sulfates to create a lathering effect to cleanse the scalp in combination with harmful preservatives like parabens. However, these chemicals can be quite harsh for the scalp and block hair follicles. On the other hand, a flower shampoo is organic and comes straight from nature’s bounty. Flower shampoos contain ingredients like essential oils and the extract of flower petals which help to revitalize the hair.


  1. Effects

As discussed before, including toxic preservatives and chemicals in a regular shampoo can damage the skin, and overuse may result in residue buildup, clogging the hair follicles. Additionally, shampooing frequently can also strip the hair of its natural oils, causing it to become dry and brittle.


A flower shampoo aims to fortify the hair at the root and nurture it with the nutrients it needs. Moreover, it is gentle on the scalp, eradicates dryness, and helps bring volume to the hair while preventing dryness. Another thing to note is that a flower shampoo does not cause any buildup and is ideal for people with sensitive scalps.


  1. Packaging

All shampoos need suitable packaging to protect what’s inside. Traditional shampoos are usually contained in various opaque plastic bottles. They are plain and uninspiring. Kustie’s flower shampoo, like the shower gel range, is uniquely designed with a transparent bottle containing blooming flowers. It already stands out visually.


  1. Price

Although conventional shampoos are more easily accessible due to affordability, organic shampoo can be on the pricier side because its ingredients can be challenging to find and make. Plus, wouldn’t you prefer better and long-lasting hair care over a few bucks?

Finding the Best Flower Shampoo


One of the most prominent brands in the field of natural flower hair care is Kustie, which takes pride in its wide range of flower shampoos that focus on scalp balance, hair nourishment, root fortification, and much more.


These shampoos have an amino acid-sensitive free formula and are made from the extracts of flower petals such as roses, cherry blossoms, camellias, and ginger lilies. Kustie ginger lily shampoo is the most popular, which aims to add volume to the hair and nourish it from roots to tip.


Kustie: The Best Personal Care Manufacturer


Established in 2002, we at Kustie produce flower products such as Kustie shampoos, shower gels, facial and body mists, soaps, etc. After 16 years of domestic development in the Chinese market, Kustie has expanded its horizons to other countries, including North and South America, Middle Eastern and South Asian countries, where its products are a favorite amongst consumers.


Without a doubt, organic ingredients bring an array of benefits, just like Kustie’s all-natural products made from the extracts of real flower petals. Not only do these items revolutionize your personal care, but they will also leave you smelling like a bouquet of fresh flowers.