Skincare Travel Kit From Kustie: Ensures Your Best Travel Experience

Traveling and touring have always been an escape route to unwind ourselves completely and get away from all the hectic daily routines that only pressure us with extreme stress and leave us in the hands of our malignant fate to suffer misery until we can take it no more. But this eluding gateway got blocked away when the pandemic hit us like a ton of bricks and got everybody stuck and paralyzed to the spot where they were present at that moment.  

Gladly, this post-pandemic era has given us a break to catch our breaths and taste the flavor of freedom again. While gradually bringing back life to how it used to be before the pandemic caught us off guard, the government has permitted the people to set off on long and short journeys and safely reach their destinations while taking immense care of their health and hygiene.

It is crucial to maintain our defensive barrier with natural elements that keep it strong and healthy all day long. And to do this, nothing can top the 3-in-1 skincare travel kit from Kustie that is designed to sustain the moisture and composure of your vital skin in its rightly adequate proportion.

Cherry Blossom 3-in-1 Skincare Travel Kit From Kustie!

Let’s figure out what exactly this pack of three from Kustie has stored inside these fancy bottles that can fulfill the task of giving your skin a satiny glow throughout the journey:


  • Perfume Shampoo

Kustie knows that just like the body, your scalp needs proper care to stay healthy and fresh at all times, regardless of the place and the season. That’s why the first product in Kustie’s cherry blossom skincare travel kit is nothing but an explicitly special perfume shampoo. From its attractive packaging style to its mainly organic composition elements, everything is well-crafted with superior quality materials and a prime focus on 100% handpicked real flowers.

  • Perfume Conditioner

To witness enhanced and outstanding results, Kustie has put together its perfume shampoo next to its wonderful hair conditioner that is involved in this exclusive skincare travel kit. By using Kustie’s cherry blossom shampoo and conditioner together, one after the other, it can give you double the effect of dazzling hairs that are easy to comb through till the end.

  • Shower and Bath Gel

Kustie believes skincare begins from the skin of your head (scalp) and goes right down to the skin of the toes. But since they have different textures and environments, they can’t be treated with a one-size-fits-all solution. Following this exact vision, Kustie has incorporated some body care components in the final product of this tremendous skincare travel kit. It is what you will need the most for a completely relaxing bathing experience – a sublime cherry blossom shower gel.  

A Great Combo of Flower Face and Body Mist from Kustie!

There is no doubt that the more you care about your skin, the more it emits a sparkly glow that can help you steal the limelight, no matter where you decide to go. The same goes with the flower face and body mist that works proactively well when combined with the 3-in-1 Skincare travel kit of Kustie that can certainly make your dream come true of flaunting skin that glints like a satiny sheen. Let’s take a look at what Kustie’s flower face and body mist have to offer:

  • Harmless ingredients (mild organic plant formulas, faint acid, multiple plant extracts, 100% natural flower petals, and flower hydrolat).
  • Multiple benefits (minimizing your inflammatory sensations after suffering from a sunburn, concealing complexion blemishes even after a facial cleansing session, moisturizing your dry skin after a quick shower, soothing your irritated skin after enduring traditional shaving methods or other hair removal applications, etc.)
  • Two fragrances offer different effects (Bulgarian roses and Japanese cherry blossoms)

Order Your Cherry Blossom (3-in-1) Skincare Travel Kit Now!

After going through the two most trending items on hot sales at more than 1,000 stores, particularly in Hong Kong and Macao, it’s time to get over your indecisiveness and make a wise choice of buying the flower face and body mist that goes perfectly well with the 3-in-1 skincare travel kit of Kustie, all together and at the same time.

If you are intrigued by Kustie’s floral-based unique product line, you will be thrilled to know that our extended range of personal care products goes way beyond just cherry blossom shampoo and conditioner. Instead, we comprehensively offer a variety of floral shower gels, body lotions, facial cleansers, toners, essential oil soap, and the list goes on. At present, all of our products are highly celebrated in the international market, and that’s why they are frequently exported to more than 50 different countries and regions, proudly covering 30,000 offline networks in the global economy.