The Best Choice of a Personal Care Supplier – Kustie

Personal care is one of the leading industries around the globe, with an estimated 42% of the market share at hand.[1] The revenue is growing at an incredible rate, with the total revenue to hit almost $716.6 billion by the end of 2025 [2] – making it a much more profitable industry. 


Not just is the industry growing at a much stronger pace, but the competition in the industry is also growing fierce every day. With a ton of new personal care brands entering the market and claiming to sell high-quality products – it has become quite difficult to choose the right personal care supplier that can perfectly suit your consumers’ needs and requirements.


If you are also struggling to find the best personal care supplier, stop worrying. Kustie is one of the top-notch personal care wholesale distributors with a range of premium-quality products and effective supply chains to make sure you get all your orders supplied in time. 



Advantages Kustie Brings as a Personal Care Supplier 

Not sure what makes Kustie the best personal care supplier? Take a look at the many advantages Kustie brings to the table as a personal care supplier. 


  1. Guaranteed Product Efficiency

Kustie, as a personal care supplier, stands on top since the brand uses five exclusive research and development standards to ensure the products are safe and effective. From using 100% real flowers to blooming our own flowers and using the latest technology to manufacture products, Kustie products are formulated with only the highest quality ingredients and are designed to provide customers with the best possible experience.


  1. Products Are Equipped with Patented Technology

It’s the popular Kustie body wash or the famous leaf and flower shampoo, all products manufactured by Kustie are equipped with exclusive patents.


  1. Internationally Renowned  

Kustie is an internationally renowned brand spread across 5 different continents and 50 countries. The brand currently has products selling in 60,000 different outlets worldwide, with 20,000,000 bottles sold yearly. 


  1. 30+ Brand Awards at Home & Abroad  

Kustie can be your best personal care supplier since the company comes along with around 30+ brand awards won at home and aboard. The top awards and patents Kustie has won as a brand over the years include the following:


  • Halal Certificate – 2011
  • GMPC ( US, Asian, and Europe) – 2012 
  • Singapore “Best Beauty Buy” – 2015
  • China Good Product – 2015
  • France Patent – 2018
  • Certificate of Innovative Company & Product – 2018
  • Chine Good Product – 2019
  • China Best innovative Brand – 2019
  • Guangdong High-Value Trademark Brand – 2021



Awards in the Past Few Years 

The products manufactured and sold by Kustie are all exceptionally loved by the customer, and choosing the brand as your supplier can boost your sales. A few of the awards Kustie has won based on how the products are sold and loved by the customers include the following:


  • Watsons Singapore “Best Selling Flower Shower Gel” in 2016

Watson Singapore is one of the most popular stores selling Kustie products on its front shelves. The flower shower gel by Kustie was recognized as the bestselling shower gel by the store in 2016. 

  • Singapore CLEO “Best Body Exfoliator” in 2017

Singapore CLEO is another very popular store with Kustie products on board. Based on their consumers’ behavioral analysis, the store recognized Kustie’s body exfoliator as the best among all the brands they were selling in 2017.


  • Watsons China HWB Best Shower Gel in 2019

Kustie’s shower gels are highly popular and loved by consumers. The company won the best shower gel award in 2019 at Watsons China HWB on the basis of a consumer behavior analysis conducted by the store.

  • Watsons MalaysiaHWB Most Wanted Premium Shower Gel in 2019

Best shower gel was not the only award Kustie won in 2019. As an outcome of the analysis conducted by the Watsons China HWM store, Kustie’s premium shower gel was also found to be the most demanded by consumers in 2019. 


  • Watsons China HWB Annually Favourite Bubble Shower in 2021

In 2021, Kustie won another shower gel award, and this time it was for its bubble shower gel.



About Kustie

Kustie is a manufacturer of premium skin and personal care products, including shampoos, conditioners and shower gels, soaps, body lotions, body mists, facial scrubs, and more. Kustie has been in the industry for over 20 years and is internationally recognized for our high-quality, effective, and affordable products.


In short, choosing Kustie as a personal care supplier will be the best decision you make for your business.