How Flower Shower Can Help You Live A Happier Life?

Imagined being showered with numerous beautiful and exotic flowers? How peaceful and amazing would that feel, right? Well, that’s the concept behind the new trend of getting a flower shower. However, don’t get confused; it does not mean literally getting hundreds of flowers dropped on you, but instead getting a flowered theme shower.


The trend of having a flower shower is becoming extremely popular thanks to its powers to calm your body and mind. People always say closeness to nature brings you peace, and the flower shower proves it right.

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The Benefits of Flower Shower

The main reason for the trend of flower showers getting more popular with each passing day is because it has so many hidden benefits, a few of which are listed below.


  • Better Sleep

People who have practiced flower showers have reviewed that it has helped them get better sleep, and well, it is true. The blooming bath with flower elements allows you to clear your mind and relieve the stress, which leads to a peaceful and relaxed mind. And the more relaxed your mind is, the better sleep you can get.


  • Good For Your Body

Using flowers for showering is not just good for your mind but also your body, as it helps you be relaxed throughout. If you are tired and feeling fatigued, or if any of your muscles, joints, or bones are aching, all you need is a good flower shower to calm the pain. It has elements that help calm the nerves and relax the body. So, we can say, once you try it, you will never go back to your usual shower routine!


  • Cleans Your Skin

In addition to taking your stress away and relaxing your body, a flower shower can also help you get more beautiful without having to go to salons. Well, that’s obvious because when there’s a flower, there has to be a connection with beauty. It cleans your skin, removes all the dirt particles from inside and outside pores, and helps you keep it healthy.

Two Types of Shower Gel For Your Flower Shower

Now, let’s get to the product that is responsible for your flower shower. While flower shampoo is an important element, the most important thing you need is an effective shower gel. There are two different types of shower gels that you can get:


  1. The Real Flower

The first type of shower gel is the one that is made from real flowers. They have the exact elements of a real flower, from smell to feel to extracts; it uses everything from a flower. These shower gels are specially made for flower showers to keep people closer to the properties of a real flower. However, it is important to check the flower you are opting for if you have any kind of skin sensitivity.


  1. Formula & Technology

The other type is the shower gel that initially uses the real flower components but passes them through an effective process of advanced formula and technology. They follow complete protocols, and other natural ingredients are also added.

The Best Shower Gel Ever!

Now, if you want your first flower shower to be amazing, you need to get the best shower gel for it. And well, there’s no shower gel better than the Kustie Cherry Blossom Shower & Bath Gel. Made with a combination of real flowers, essential oil, and formula, this flower gel can fall under both types of shower gel we mentioned.


While using this shower gel, you will have cleaner and brighter skin, even if you have a delicate one. Not only that, but the fragrance capsule allows you to get that flower aroma with every shower! Therefore, not only will you look beautiful but also smell like a flower!


The Bottom Line

At Kustie, we believe that there’s no better ingredient than a flower to keep a person fresh. Therefore, we focus on making flower-inspired products. Having been in existence for over fifteen years, Kustie has a wide range of products for you to choose from, and all of them have one thing in common; real flowers. Visit today and get the product you like the most at the best price!