Imagine waking up in the morning and hitting the shower only to find out that your shower gel smells not so good – well, you don’t need to worry about the gross smell when using Kustie shower gels!

Kustie is a leading brand of personal care items. It’s famous for using real flower petals in its skincare, body care, and hair care products. Still, nothing matches the soothing and floral fragrance of its shower gels that seamlessly lather up on the skin to help you enjoy an amazing shower experience. So, if you want to spruce up your showering experience, Kustie shower gel shall be on your list!

Kustie shower gels


Features Of Kustie Shower Gel


Real Flowers

The Kustie shower gel comes in a nice transparent bottle filled with real flower petals to deliver the best results. Each bottle contains five hundred pieces of flower petals, and when combined with niacinamide, it deep cleanses the skin and provides instant brightening and well-nourished the skin.


Flower Essential Oil

In addition to the real flower petals, the shower gel is curated with the real flower essential oil that adds the most immersive fragrance. Moreover, it provides much-needed hydration and moisture to your body. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the essential oil helps even out the skin tone.


Amino Acid Formula

Kustie shower gels are made from well-formulated and intricately selected amino acid formulations. In fact, Kustie has utilized the weak acid formulation that offers tender and mild care to the skin. Given its ability to provide tender care, it’s a good choice for every skin type, including sensitive skin (say no to rashes and irritation!).


Fragrance Encapsulation Technology

The shower gel is designed with fragrance encapsulation technology, which instantly releases the spurt of natural and captivating aroma. It has a floral aroma that fills up your showering experience with amazing fragrance. Moreover, this unique technology provides a long-lasting fragrance, ensuring you smell like flowers for hours and feel refreshing.


Flavors Of Kustie Shower Gel

As a experienced manufacturer in the personal care industry, and to meet your unique preferences, we have launched multiple flavors in the shower gel, including;

  • Lavender – this shower gel boasts a sweet and delicate smell that has herbal and floral hints. The soft notes will provide a calming experience to your skin
  • Rose – this shower gel is perfect for cleansing the skin and romances the nose with its sweet and fruity smell. It can nourish the skin and makes it soft
  • Jasmine – it smells of white jasmine petals that create a sweet and rich experience. It’s a poetic gel that transforms your showering experience like nothing else
  • Cherry blossom – the Kustie cherry blossom flower shower gel is meant to offer delicate and subtle aromas of cherry blossom. It has a versatile yet fresh and floral smell
  • Chamomile – this flower shower gel has sweet and floral notes, while the chamomile shower gels add the nuance of this herb that tantalizes the experience
  • Orchid – this shower gel has a strong fragrance for people who like intense notes and have undertones of vanilla

Kustie Real Flowers Shower Gel


Benefits Of Using Kustie Cherry Blossom Shower Gel

We are a well-known brand for personal care products, and our shower gels are no less than an exception. In particular, the cherry blossom shower gel has caught attention for the right reasons, including;

    1. Gentle formula without irritation that calms the skin and provides nourishment.
    2. Deep cleansing that cleanses the skin evens the skin tone and brightens up the skin.
    3. Long-lasting fragrance that helps you make refreshed and the relaxes the mood.
    4. Pleasant outlook with the transparent bottle, so you can see the real flower petals.
    5. A suitable size which makes it convenient for home and travel use.

Kustie Cherry Blossom Shower Gel


Final Words

Not only the kustie shower gel, We have an array of personal care items available, including skincare, haircare, and body care. Since we have already shared a lot about the kustie shower gels, Kustie also has body lotions, shampoos, conditions, essential oil soaps, and facial scrubs to provide a full-range experience to everyone who likes to pamper themselves!